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Allergy Vacuums Guide

The LG HomBot 3.0 Robotic Vacuum is an example of LG’s use of integrated electronic chip module innovation with advanced robotic systems to produce an automated vacuum cleaner that self regulates itself while cleaning your home and one that talks as well. Most automated vacuum cleaners let their users know if something needs to be taken care of by giving off a beeping sound coupled with blinking lights just to get your attention. The LG HomBot 3.0 uses advanced chip module technology which allows their automated vacuum cleaner to talk to you to really let you know of what it needs to be taken care of such as completing it’s tasks, dust bin needs emptying and when it needs to recharge itself.

Measuring 20.8 inches by 6.1 inches by 17.8 inches respectively, the LG HomBot 3.0 has a square design that enables it to maneuver itself to room corners and completely clean all debris of dirt and dust particles that are sometimes left in the corner crannies of rooms that can not be cleaned by ordinary vacuums. When it comes to it’s navigational system and how it negotiates itself across the room, the LG HomBot 3.0 uses 2 cameras located on the top and bottom part of it’s front to actually see and memorize the area that it needs to clean. It can make precise calculations and stores it in it’s memories that it regularly updates automatically, making sure that it does not miss out any important areas that are programed in regards to it’s daily tasks. The top camera of the LG HomBot 3.0 is capable of taking 30 images per second as it’s bottom camera sensor scans the surface floor area with a frequency of 2,000 cycles per second, gathering all needed data and storing it for mapping purposes!

The LG HomBot 3.0 sounds more like a planetary landing probe similar to the ones used by NASA. LG has even managed to to make the LG HomBot 3.0 even more smarter in regards that it can decide the different sizes of rooms and surfaces that it needs to clean as it has 7 different programmable cleaning modes. Despite of it’s technological capabilities in cleaning your home, the LG HomBot 3.0 still manages to perform it’s cleaning duties while maintaining a low noise level. It’s Lithium Ion Polymer batteries are design for very fast charging times that lasts for hours before needing to recharge itself on the charging cradle. Incidentally, LG is also one of the very first companies in the world to make Lithium Ion batteries for commercial use.

If you can imagine that amount of technological research that LG undertook in order to integrate the aspects of robotics, computer navigation and power management that was put in the LG HomBot 3.0, one can not help but feel awed. The computerized room mapping technology that was used in the LG HomBot 3.0 is similar to the Magellan GPS tracking technology used in computerized driving systems, which proves quite useful when determining the size and cleaning surface of the room and it’s present position so that it can efficiently navigate it’s way back to it’s charging cradle. With a thickness of only 6.1 inches, the LG HomBot 3.0 can easily fit under the most common spaces that most conventional vacuum cleaners can not. It’s dual side brushes kind of reminds me of a four wheeled street sweeper that cleans and picks up the dirt and debris on the street curbs.

The most prominent design that LG has put in the LG HomBot 3.0 is probably it’s navigation functionality with the added features of it actually being able to see and remember the area that it is cleaning. I thought of it’s ability to be able to talk to be quite convenient in a way that you don’t have to remember the associated number of beeps and what they mean that is the feature of other such automated vacuum cleaners. Did I mention that the LG HomBot 3.0 also has a remote control? The the remote control function is an additional feature, it really is just included to monitor the vacuum cleaner to where it’s present position is, just in case if you want to find it besides toying with it from time to time. For a price of  $745.84, the  LG HomBot 3.0 sure packs a wallop of features that really go beyond the standard features of most automated vacuum cleaners available in the market today, and I still can’t get over the fact that it can actually talk with a 120 voice vocabulary, it can be quite a conversationalist. View more

This may be one of LG’s most innovative product yet, which brings the level of technology in regards to automated vacuum cleaners to a whole new level, that it can actually see, think and remember it’s environment and talk at the same time! Kind of reminds me of Stephen Hawkings.

Pet & Allergy Automatic Vacuum

I know that vacuuming a whole room is not an easy task to begin with as cleaning a whole area of your house seems like a labor intensive endeavor. Modern day appliances offer us much ease in dealing with  the daily rigors of house work, especially when it comes to one of the most dirtiest areas of our homes…our floors and carpets. Despite the availability of modern methods that were developed by science and technology, there is always a segment of thought reserved in the back of our minds if there was something more better that what we currently employ in regards to the way that we clean our floors and carpets? What else can be more convenient that having the privilege of operating high powered cleaning tools such as multi-tasking vacuum cleaners that can virtually accomplish your cleaning tasks?

The search for the ultimate cleaning machine begins with the Neato XV-21 Pet & Allergy Automatic Vacuum Cleaner. You might say that it is another one of those high tech vacuum cleaners, but did I mention that it was a high tech vacuum cleaner that can clean by itself? The Neato XV-21 is a fully automatic, self managing robotic multi-surface vacuum cleaner that can perform regular vacuum tasks without you ever needing to lift a single finger to manage it. It has built in automatic sensors that self regulates the path that it needs to clean, monitor it’s own power and recharge itself without you ever touching it. The Neato XV-21 is an automated, self charging vacuum robot that is fully programmable to do a routine clean up of it’s surrounding area. And since the Neato XV-21is a programmable vacuum cleaner, it can learn to void anything that was not programed in it’s initial control, meaning that if you put anything within the area that it was programed to clean, it will learn to avoid this object and go around it.

The Neato XV-21 has an infrared boundary marker that limits the area that you don’t want it to go or if you just want it to routinely clean in a specific area. The powerful vacuum motor can thoroughly clean most flat surfaces and carpets and filters out any allergenic pathogens as it does it’s job. The Neato XV-21 virtually takes out the need for you to personally clean your floors on a daily basis as it will do it for you instead with the use of it’s systematic auto scheduler that can even perform it’s tasks even when you are away! Again, I can’t help to think that the Neato XV-21 can actually fend for itself in regards to actually charge itself by automatically returning to it’s charging cradle and resuming it’s cleaning tasks when it fully recuperates it’s charge potential. View best vacuum cleaner reviews

The Neato XV-21 weighs in at 21.6 pounds and I know that it is a bit heavier that most vacuum cleaners but then, you realize that you don’t have to carry it around the house that often, of course you would need to do that once in a while when moving it to a different part of the house that you want to clean. Measuring in at a height of 5.5 inches by a width of 21.3 inches and a length of 15.2 inches, the  Neato XV-21 does not need to take in that much of a storage area because it parks itself in it’s own charging cradle. With a price of $346.60 dollars, the Neato XV-21is worth every penny that you spend on it considering that it is one of those automatic vacuum cleaners that cleans the house and that gives you more time for yourself and your family to do more constructive things with your time.