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Types of Handgun Scopes

If you think scopes are solely for the use on  rifles, think again. There are dozens of different handgun scopes which are sure to increase your accuracy and proficiency with your firearm. However, it’s important that you understand the differences between the different types of handgun scopes and how they work.

First and foremost, you have to realize that handgun scopes different than rifle scopes. When most individuals shoot a rifle, they are given more time to look down the fixed scope before shooting their target. On the other hand, when your shooting a handgun, your time to set the sights on your target is usually limited. Simply put, there’s less time to carefully choose and line up your target when firing a handgun and for this reason, fixed sights should be avoided when choosing a handgun scope. cannon gun safe reviews

Iron Sights

This is one of the most basic and least-expensive types of handgun scopes on the market. Don’t let this fool you into thinking they aren’t effective, though. When used right, iron sights can prove to be one of the most efficient types of handgun scopes. Essentially, an iron sight is a small aiming reticile that’s attached down the barrel of your gun. There’s no magnification or any other technology used. The shooter simply looks down the reticule, finds his or her target and pulls the trigger.

Holographic Sights

Holographic handgun sights are oftentimes used by individuals in law enforcement and the military. They operate by having a small reticle created on a plane within the sights. Unlike traditional red dot sights, this reticle isn’t visible to anyone other than the shooter.

Red Dot Sights

Possibly the most widespread type of handgun scopes are red dot sights. These are a fairly new type of sight that became popular in the early 90′s for it’s ease of use and flexibility. A red dot scope is just what is sounds like it – a laser scope that projects a small red dot on your target. One of the advantages to using a red dot scope is the high accuracy. When the scope is sighted in properly and you’re shooting from the right range, you’ll find that a red dot sight hits the target every time. best gun safe review gun safe spot

Here we’ve just listed three of the most popular types of handgun scopes. When choosing a scope, consider your needs and uses for the handgun. If it’s for self-defense, then you’ll want to use a handgun scope that allows you quick draw and use. You don’t want to be spending several minutes looking down the barrel to find your target.

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