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Best Male Enhancement Pills

An excellent product with an excellent money-back guarantee plan.

All orders are entitled to a money-back guarantee plan that is valid for two months after purchase.

This is the real deal: Should you be dissatisfied with the results or find the effects of our product wanting, simply return your purchases and we'll give you a full refund. Since the numerous testimonials, reviews, endorsements, and freebies may not be able to fully convince you of the effectiveness of the Penis Enlargement Pills, we'll gladly give you a guarantee period of two months within which you can freely try the product out for yourself.

Important: Individuals who are not able feel the results of Penis Enlargement are very rare. But if you do feel that the pills are not working out for you, send all unused product and empty boxes back to our office and we'll gladly issue you a refund (shipping and handling costs not included). This money back guarantee is valid for two months from the date of your purchase.

Terms and Condition for Refund

Since our refund department will require your handwritten signature on the refund form, please take note that refund requests can only be processed through snail mail. Make sure you have met the guidelines below before putting in a request:

You're within the 67-day validity period for the guarantee.

• You've already used the product (which includes both of its components, the Penis Enlargement pills and the exercise program) according to its recommended usage for a minimum of one month.

• You've contacted us and consulted with our customer support regarding your concerns.


If you've decided go through with the refund, here are the things that you need to include in your request:

Full name, order number, and mailing address

• Empty boxes and unused product (if any)

• Your refund request coursed through our online form (link can be found below)

Submit your refund request here. We are not responsible for missing packages that are lost in the mail. As a precaution, use a trusted courier service that can track the current location of your package.

An Overview of Our Two-Month Money Back Guarantee

We stand by with the quality of our product. The numerous testimonials we've received from customers are enough for us to be convinced that the ProSolution Pills can give men the results that they want and need. But as things go, our bodies are all wired differently from each other, and your body might take some time to adjust to the effects of Penis Enlargement Pills. Since we put a high premium on customer satisfaction, we are offering you a generous guarantee period of 67 days with which you can try the product for yourself without fear of losing your money. 

If you're not satisfied with the result, just send all opened and unopened packages back to our office and you'll receive a full refund. This also includes the bonuses and freebies you might have received if you availed our Discount Packages.

Remember, to send your refund request and the packages before the deadline of the two-month guarantee period (which will start upon your purchase of the product. Requests that are made after 67 days will not be honored. Also, the limit for refunds is one request per customer.