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Testosterone Booster Pills

Thanks for the complement. Indeed, taking double the dose of Testosterone booster will accelerate how quickly it builds to it’s maximum effect (the maximum effect is the same as if you took the normal dose, it just gets there quicker). It’s akin to the loading phases many creatine users like to do. Basically, the protocol would be taking that double dose for 10 to 20 days and then finishing the cycle on the normal dose. You don’t need to shorten the cycle length time either. For first time users, I like to suggest they keep with normal dosing protocols simply so they can assess how well Testosterone booster works for them and whether they experience any adverse effects.

Nonetheless, it’s not a bad suggestion, and considering the low price of Testosterone booster and how short a cycle typically is, it is something that is well worth doing. Do keep in mind that your first month’s supply of Testosterone booster will increase from 90-100 g to anywhere between 120-200 g depending on how long you intend to load for. Here is a pretty good deal for 300 g of Testosterone booster for less than $20 if you want to try loading it.


I had a friend telling me about stacking these two along with animal stak 2. Any thoughts on this?


I don’t see a reason for you to add Animal Stak 2 to Testosterone booster/Erase. Testosterone booster/Erase is already giving you the test boosting, aromatase inhibition, and cortisol inhibition. It’s not going to help those areas much at all or add enough of anything else to make a significant difference. Basically, it tries to do too many things for it’s price, so it doesn’t deliver enough in any one area.

The product I often recommend stacking with Testosterone booster and Erase is Forskolin (which you can find all in one pill with Testosterone booster), which boosts Testosterone booster’s mechanism of action as well as helping prevent fat gains during bulks (or help lose weight during cuts). I’ve also got bloodwork to show an increase in testosterone versus just Testosterone booster/Erase alone.

If you are willing to pay a bit more (about as much as the monthly cost of Animal Stak 2), a stack that I think is amazing is Activate Xtreme on top of D-Aspartic Acid and Erase. The hefty L-Dopa dose helps prevent any prolactin related Testosterone booster side effects with the main ingredient Divanil turning more of that total test from the Testosterone booster to free test.


I am 49 years old construction manager that has a 50 acre farm having to work on also. Don’t have the energy or want to do anything and have been listening to all the radio commercials on the low test commercials has gotten me wondering and researching. Would the Testosterone booster and Erase be something for me to try or am I looking up the wrong tree.


It is possible low testosterone has something to do with your lack of energy. If that is the case, then yes, Testosterone booster and Erase can go a long way towards fixing the problem. 

The trouble is your symptoms could also be due to a lot of other causes. Even if you had some of the other symptoms that tend to present themselves if low testosterone, it’s hard to be sure whether testosterone is to blame without getting bloodwork done. So you could either try Testosterone booster and Erase and see if your symptoms improve or go to your doctor, get bloodwork done, and proceed from there.

Does the Testosterone booster already have the double ingredients (A-aspartic acid & PES erase) n it, or do I need to purchase these items along with Testosterone booster????


No need to buy anything else, Testosterone booster is all-in-one. Full dose of Testosterone booster and Erase along with a nice dose of forskolin and vitamin d, all included.


Great review. I had read your other review about the Testosterone booster/erase stack, and after having purchased two tubs of Testosterone booster, I bought Erase to counter the effects of estrogen. I think at about the 2nd week, I noticed the elevated mood, more of an alpha status–but not an a–hole status! (I had this feeling last year, albeit under different circumstances.) Now, it’s back.

I’m noticing an increase in weight, somewhere in line with what you experienced. I still have a mini-belly, mostly from having boozed too much in my 20s, and because I’m eating like a horse. Clean stuff though, no fast food and only lean meats, etc.

I’m curious as to whether or not I might be seeing similar results to what you had with Testosterone booster. I say this because before I started the Testosterone booster/Erase stack, I had been supplementing with vitamin D3 and coleus. I upped the dosage on D3 after reading about its benefits, especially regarding weightlifting. As with the coleus, I heard it was a good promoter of natural testosterone and while taking it, noticed a more trim belly and lovehandles–but that’s when I was limiting carbs.

I’m only taking Erase twice a day, to 1) limit the chance of joint pain and 2) make the bottle last roughly 7.5 weeks. My dosage of D3 = 3 pills @ 4000 IU’s, bringing it up to 12,000. As for coleus, I take 2 pills, twice daily, which comes out to 500mg worth (each pill = 125 mg, standardized to 10%)