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Get emotional treatment at luxury ayahuasca retreat

The decision to perform the treatment and withdrawal with luxury ayahuasca retreats should not be taken lightly or in a hurry; but in a reflective, mature and conscious way. It is necessary to assume a set of attitudes and behaviors to strengthen the treatment, that is, the process of purification and healing.

Conditions of Ayahuasca Retreat

The person must accept that the recommendations given by the healer to prepare and channel their thoughts and emotions towards the encounter with Mother, Teacher and Ayahuasca doctor. Besides, they must leave aside the distrust, the reluctance, and the unipersonal decisions. You must trust and surrender to the treatment provided by the healer. Moreover, you must do things with the will and must consult before doing what you believe. The healer will offer the directives with respect, firmness, and seriousness, without contemplations or kindnesses, because that is the way it should be.

Treatment Steps  

Under these precepts, the treatment itself begins. The first day, after settling in the Retirement House, the person must rest. Usually the long trip or the feeling of being in an unknown place cause fatigue and anxiety in the body. You must keep your bed, in silence. The food should be light: at lunch a vegetable cream, infusions of chamomile, mint, lemon balm or mint. At dinner fruit and more infusions. It is not time to meet and talk, thoughtful silence is kept for all night.

The next day, after sunrise, a visit is made to the nearby lake. You walk around for an hour. It is an exercise of patience, perseverance, and obedience since the step must be slow, prolonged, trying to tame the thought, which must go at the same pace. The firm body, with the head down, looking at the ground and the arms straight or back. Then you have to enter the lake; you have to submerge gently, in silence, cleaning the body with cold water. After putting on clothes, return to the Retreat House at the same pace as when leaving left.  

Upon arrival, you take a purge, based on depurative plants. The body is purified, cleaned on the new stomach and the renewed liver. There is a feeling of tiredness and sometimes muscular pains. More infusions and some fruit.  There is a leafy and peaceful garden in the place, so sometimes you take the time to contemplate it, to meditate, to self-diagnose yourself. At the appropriate time, the healer will blow snuff or snuff into the nostrils of the participants. It's a clean, an encounter with the Tobacco, the Old Sage. The Rest is easy, breathe and keep resting. Also, lunch is light and more infusions. 

Effects of the Treatment

Some feel discomfort, such as stomach pain, chills. They feel unable to continue, they are hungry, and patience languishes. They take the easy way, take refuge in the safety of their routines or their self-sufficiency. Moreover, if they want to leave, are free to do so. Those who stay take refuge in their faith and their determination. Eventually, the time comes when you know yourself.  

The Emotional Moment

All the afternoon is rest, until nightfall. At a particular time, the session begins with Ayahuasca. The magician shares the brew, and the person accepts the will of Mother Ayahuasca and her care. The first sign is a feeling of vomiting or numbness of the body. Then come the visions, the revelations, and then the noble thoughts, the teachings. The awakened consciousness is attentive to the Master's words. The body surrenders to the care of Dr. Ayahuasca. The emotions

They may seem sturdy and the sensations unpleasant. The stomach goes to the mouth, and the thick intestines reflect. Dizziness and feeling of instability, but awareness awake and absorbed in the teachings.

On the fourth day, there is a personalized chat with the healer with the purpose of integrating the lived experience from luxury ayahuasca retreat. Therefore, this offers the latest recommendations to continue with the post-treatment. It's time to leave. There are pending tasks, each one will assume them with responsibility little by little, according to their feelings, since they are facing a healing process that deserves time, firmness and will.