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Penis Pumps


The Best Penis Pumps of 2018

Being honest is a great way to gain trust

Use this to tell them, you can just say that you love honesty and you want to be honesty and tell them that you use a penis pump to either help with the size of you penis or to help the health. Just add that you to it for the fun and it’s relaxing to use.

Your partner won’t be able to think it’s weird just because you’ve told her in a way that she can’t respond weirdly, because you can say that you won’t tell her next time you have something like this. It may seem silly that you have to bring it up like this and the reason I made this article is because men want to tell their partners in a way that they don’t seem weird.

Tell them you use it to get harder erections  

If you say that you use it for size then that might be a bit to much information, you’re better off saying that it helps you get a stronger erection, that’s not as bad and she shouldn’t mind at all, it’s just something that you enjoy and really she should have no say over.

Both share something over a drink

Have a few drinks and then start talking, get her to admit something similar, maybe the use of sex toys or something along them lines, after that you can say “I know it’s bad but I’ve been using a penis pump, I did it as a joke, but know I enjoy it, how bad is that?” That’s the perfect line and you’ll probably both just laugh it off depending on what type of partner you have.