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extenze male enhancement

Extenze Male enhancement pills is a marketed herbal product that claims to increase penis size through the use of simple pills. This alone must increase suspicion when looking at the product. Although there are pills that can provide health benefits to individuals, such as pain killers or high blood pressure drugs, there are no FDA-approved and tested herbal supplements that will increase penis size, let alone increase in a short time. These are parts of the body such as the arms, legs and fingers and are therefore very likely to have genetic traces for size.
Extenze is clearly impossible in this condition to provide tangible benefits. There were also many complaints raised regarding the trial offer. It seems to look good, less than a dollar for the product plus shipping and delivery. However, there are a number of things that were not mentioned and received complaints. One of them is the fact that it's not a 30-day trial period, like most people will assume. You must cancel within 5 days. This is very unreasonable and matches the belief that the product is nothing but fraud to gain access to personal information.
If you don't cancel within a period of 5 days then you end up paying for a month's supply of automatic payments. To get a refund, you must wait and return the package. This of course reduces shipping and handling and often takes several months for them to fulfill stop requests. This means you pay around $ 50.00 per month for the product you have said you want to cancel.