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Writing Well: The Foundation of College and Life Success

All material you consume in English (TV, films, books, web resources) was written by somebody first. Thus, being a writer is a strategically important role that some of us ignore. Even those who are not involved with writing directly (i.e., salespersons, lawyers, doctors, etc.) deal with writing indirectly every day, and can hardly achieve success in their profession without adequate writing skills. So, it may be needless to say that writing is critical for anyone, and that solid writing skills should be developed early at the start of your education to ensure success and feasible progress.

Why Do I Need Writing? 

 Though writing is taken by many of us for granted, not all people are proficient in it. The problems are diverse – from having no technical talent for writing to underestimating its importance. “Why should I care?” you may ask, especially if you don’t deal with writing as your professional area. Here are some vital reasons to really care:

  • Efficient and effective communication (clear, concise writing helps render your point and be understood, which is always the target of any communication act)
  • Organic outreach (via writing blogs and articles, social posts, and other kinds of materials, you can easily convey your message to a broader audience online)
  • Self-improvement (being proficient and elegant in writing, you will be able to express yourself better. Better writing is often equaled to being smarter as you show mastery of words and sophisticated sentence structures.)
  • Credibility (as soon as you write persuasively and authoritatively, people will believe you).

What can you do to master writing well and achieve these goals? We believe that the clue to writing proficiency is much training under the guidance of an experienced tutor. Find an assistant online, for instance, on Preply, and start your path to credible, effective written self-expression.

Writing for Education

You will have a chance to feel the overwhelming importance of written skills in college or at the university. At school, writing may be not that demanding; your experiences are mostly limited to composing a couple of personal essays or term papers. However, higher education is another pair of shoes. Here, you will need to complete endless essays, term papers, research papers, dissertations, article reviews and critiques, and a bunch of other work types that you might never have heard about. This written workload may drive anybody mad, but don’t panic! Just treat this all mess as writing as such; try to follow the instructor comments and requirements precisely, and you will always remain afloat. Here are some key tips to improve your writing skills quickly to survive the college years:

  • Practice all the time. You will need to write much over the next couple of years, so every time you compose a new piece, it will become better and better.
  • Follow instructions. It’s vital to keep to the point every time you sit down to complete a written assignment. If your tutor asked for an essay about global warming, there is no need to write about all the environmental problems and their hazards; just stick to global warming, and that’s it.
  • Practice analysis and rewriting. Plagiarism is the worst enemy of every student. It may even cost you a spot in college or university, as many students are suspended for academic non-integrity. Thus, to survive your written assignments and not to spoil your academic reputation, practice the critical synthesis of data from sources and paraphrasing of material.
  • Relax. Most students are unable to write a single legible word simply because they are stressed. So, instead of thinking, “I don’t know what to write about,” just start writing. You will see that something that at first looks like a mess will turn into a good essay in the end!

Why Is Better Writing So Critical? 

In the technology-absorbed world with numerous messengers and gadgets, we send messages in haste without care for the punctuation and grammar. Spelling problems have long been fixed with the use of abbreviations, so now you don’t need to take care of writing well to be understood by peers. Is that good? For you – maybe. For the overall health of language – absolutely not.

Any civilization has language as a reflection of its development and prosperity; smarter and more developed civilizations have always had more complex language systems. However, the modern society (if we judge by the state of language) seems to degrade instead of developing; the language of Byron and Shakespeare has become flooded with “kinda,” “lol” and the universal “ain’t.” Hence, to show your respect to language, to reflect your high intelligence and solid education, and to be respected in professional circles (be it a class or a workplace), use language correctly and variably. Setting such a trend may affect the English language positively, while you are guaranteed high grades and a positive reputation among your tutors.

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