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ace writer has a say

I, as expert at Get Help from Experts - Ace Writers, am of two minds on this departure from the Paris Agreement. It certainly does continue the accelerating abdication of the US from the world scene. First, abandonment of the TPP, which benefits China, second the distancing of the US from Germany, the EU and NATO, which benefits Russia and now this, which will provide an opportunity for China to lead the way in developing the future of energy production in the world, with most of the Western industrialized world being able to follow, if they choose. 

However, it is a hard fact that the Trump Administration was never going to achieve the goal of achieving our pollution reduction targets. That being the case the argument for the US remaining a member is greatly weakened. We could just be in the position of participating, without being helpful, and being able to do more damage to the world environment. It depends on how other countries react; do they seize the opportunity to advance without us or not?