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Stepping out into the professional world is exhilarating and scary all at the same time. However, the petroleum industry is a great place to start your career and begin working your way to the top.

There are a lot of experienced professionals in this field that have hit retirement age. As such, the oil and gas sector is looking for new talent to bring in and help fill these losses. Additionally, there are a lot of new jobs in the area as this post from Fircroft shows.

What does that mean for you? If you want to work in the oil and gas field, you are in a great position. The industry itself has a lot of potential for growth, and since they are actively recruiting new employees, you should be able to find a position that is right for you.

As you work to make your way up the career ladder, though, you may find it a little difficult. There are many others that are trying to do the same thing. If you want to get ahead, there are a few tips that can help you going forward.

  1. Know Your Place

Some new employees want to show off in an attempt to impress those in charge. While you should certainly do your best work every day, keep in mind that you are still at a junior level. Don't neglect the people that you work with every day; these individuals are important, too, and you can form very valuable connections with them.

Be kind. Treat everyone as if they are important. Not only will you create the type of atmosphere that you want to work in every day, but you'll find yourself rising through the ranks at work before you know it. This is a great way to create an appropriate professional network and to get others talking about what a valuable employee you are.

If you are just in it for yourself, you won't be a valued member of the team. That isn't the type of reputation you want to have circling around about you.

  1. Know What Field Work Is About


Regardless of your position, or where you want to be in the future, you need to know about field work. People in the field and people in the office can often be at odds with one another. Therefore, it is important for you to understand what goes on in the field.

Field works play an integral role in the success of the business (and therefore your success as well). Move out of the office for a bit and take a look at how everything happens. This is great for your career; the better understanding you have of the entire industry, the more likely you are to rise through the ranks.

When you speak, it will be tinged with an air of authority. Those around you will view you in a different light, and your team as a whole will be excited to work with you. And you will feel good because you'll have a better understanding of the industry as a whole.


  1. Connect With A Mentor

Working with a mentor is a wonderful idea, because they can help you get the necessary experience to find success at your new job.

When you feel like you know what you are doing, you are more confident at work. That confidence often translates into doing your best work in whatever role you are in.

Your mentor can also be a reference for you later on, and you never know when you will need someone to vouch for you. Finally, mentors can give you advice that you may desperately need, particularly when you are just starting out.

The oil and gas industry can be very complicated. To avoid getting stressed by your new position, a mentor can make all the difference.