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Acupuncture for ED

Acupuncture for impotence

Erectile dysfunction is the absence of erection penis in men, leading to the inability to conduct sexual intercourse. Often this pathological condition is accompanied by a lack of desire (libido) and sensation of orgasm, accelerated ejaculation, which, of course, significantly reduces the quality (and quantity) of sexual activity and has a negative impact on the psycho-emotional status of men, interpersonal and family relationships. What is erectile dysfunction? For a long time the diagnosis of "erectile dysfunction" was put to all men without exception, who complained to the doctor for reducing the duration and strength of the erection. However, in a large number of these patients, the erection is retained, just the strength of it is not enough to conduct a normal sexual intercourse. In addition, it was found that men with a decreased quality of erection are much more than with its complete absence. So now more often in the course of the term "erectile dysfunction", i.e. acupuncture for ED, and erectile dysfunction is simply an extreme degree of these disorders.