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How to Choose Printer for Home Use

There are many activities in our home need printer, for printing photos, important documents, recipes and so much more. For that reason, you will need a comple guide to choose and buy printer for home use. As we might already know, the competition between printer manufacturer like HP, Epson and Canon make the printers today sold at affordable prices. Just imagine, there are some printers sold for less than $50 and these printers offers very good features and quality.

Here's our simple tips about how to choose and buy printer for home use ;

The first question for all people who want to buy a home printer is, what for you buy it and how much you will print using this printer later. The inkjet printer may be your top priority and the reason is simple.. by using an Inkjet Printer, you can print almost anything from essay, photos, etc. But according to some Inkjet Printer users, the quality of text is lower in comparison with laser printer. The print speed of Inkjet Printer usually slower too and in some case, Inkjet printer needs require more money for maintenance.

For office needs, laser printers can be a good choice because using the laser printer, you can print documents faster and cheaper. The output is sharper than inkjet. The price of laser printers are affordable too especially if you want to buy this printer for home use. Please note that the price of its toner is a bit expensive and it can be a bad options for home use.

If you want to print novel or homework, we recommend you to try inkjet printer, thanks to its flexibility. But if you want to print pages faster, laser printer should be on your consideration. Laser printer offers more powerful features even the price is higher. Now it's all depend on your need. Inkjet printer has been equipped with larger cartridge capacity that can make the cost of printing so much cheaper. It might be your consideration in choosing a printer for use at home.

All of these have been explained by Printer expert at, you can visit this site for more information