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The fitness industry is extremely saturated, and every year you have more and more people wanting to lose weight, build muscle or generally become healthier. As a result of that, there is constant innovation from gyms and fitness companies to keep the niche evolving. In addition, there is also an incline in the number of personal trainers there are on the market, in order to meet with the increased demand.

But, when there is so much competition, how does a personal trainer become successful and reach the top of the market?

Well, they have to offer something unique. They have to stand out from the crowd. Now, someone who has done this brilliantly is renowned trainer, David Michigan. Not only has he developed his own physique to set a perfect example to his clients, he has also devoted himself to implementing fresh ideas.

Plus, he ensures that he is continuously enhancing his knowledge, absorbing extra information and improving his skill set. After all, in an industry that is thriving, it’s vital that you are always doing something to try and stay ahead of your opposition. One of the main things that David Michigan does differently is that he places the same emphasis on the mind, as he does in the body.

It is no secret that the mind is a powerful tool, and David Michigan believes that the body can much further with the support of a strong mind. He does this through strategic hypnotic sessions and self-hypnosis training methods. By spending time forming positive thoughts with his clients, he puts them in a position to achieve, and then exceed their goals.

However, he also recognizes that the mind also needs the body to be fit & healthy. No matter how strong an individual’s mind is, if the body isn’t in perfect correlation, then it will be difficult to reach targets. Therefore, David Michigan utilizes his own effective training and nutrition plans to compliment the hypnosis sessions.

Training is important, but the majority of the work is done in the kitchen, right?

That’s exactly what this excellent personal trainer promotes; he believes that your diet has a huge influence over your behaviour, performance, moods, vitality and longevity. With their nutrition intact, their training optimized and their mind conditioned; his clients will have a wonderful connection between their mind and body.

Moreover, there are four main aspects that David Michigan bases his techniques off, and these are – visualization, affirmation, modelling and relaxation. He spends time guiding his clients to master each one, and when they do, they’ll be empowered to achieve anything they want to achieve in life. You see, the difference with him is that he concentrates on enhancing his clients’ lives, not just working on their fitness goals.

So, to answer the question – ‘Is David Michigan the Best Personal Trainer in the World?’ – there is a strong basis to say he is certainly one of them!

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