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Mobile Wireless Internet Service

If you hear someone talking about mobile wireless internet service they are talking about using their laptop or notebook to connect to the internet without using wires to access a phone socket. There are several different ways to access a mobile wireless internet service.

One way is using technology similar to your mobile/cell phone, this uses what is called a cellular connection. The other way, and now increasingly popular way is to use wifi. The public wifi service is growing all the time and probably will eventually be everywhere.

Using A Cellular Mobile Wireless Internet Service

When mobile wireless internet service first became available the only connections were the cellular connections. This was a very efficient way of getting a connection, however it meant actually plugging your laptop into your phone. Now many of the phone companies will supply cards for putting in the expansion slots on your laptop and these will communicate with your phone.

As with all technology there are pros and cons for each system. One good thing about a cellular mobile wireless internet service is that if you have phone reception, then you can get internet connection, as simple as that. Equally, if you on the move, in a train for example your connection will be dropped, just as your call would have been interrupted when they signal is interrupted. This can be a problem is you are downloading or uploading. We have all been frustrated by our phone reception at some point in time, and this would be the same for your mobile wireless internet service.

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