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What is PLA? What are its benefits?

Prior learning assessment (PLA) is a process of evaluating academic credit for college-level knowledge and skills that a person may have gained outside the classroom. It could be employment, travel, hobbies, military training/service, volunteer service and civic activities.

A lot of students come with their versatile work-related and technical competencies that they have gained in the workplace. Online Universities like that are offering prior learning have a lot of ways for the evaluation of such students’ college credit and helps them progress towards credential or postsecondary degree faster. It saves their time and a million of tuition dollars as well.

Colleges has a variety of methods for offering PLA, which includes standardized exams, challenge exams, portfolio assessments, and an evaluation of non-collegiate instruction. When these methods are carried out according to the nationally-established standards, they offer worthy college credit to the students with college-level skills and competencies.

Benefits of PLA

  • When students are enrolled in prior learning assessment, it saves their time and money. When they embark on earning PLA credit, it motivates them to persist in the education and complete the registered degree program. It empowers students to know that they have already learnt at the level of college.
  • Students with the credit for prior learning assessment acquire high graduation rates, low time to degree and better persistence, as compared to the other students on campus.
  • PLA lessens time to graduation. It is a significant benefit to PLA that is found by CAEL. Students tend to cut down the time they spent on earning their degree. Not only that it reduces the time required but also lowers the tuition cost.
  • Since students have gained college-level education outside the classroom, it allows you demonstrate the concepts and ideas for which there will be no standardized exam.

If you are interested in PLA, it is advisable for you to take a quick self-assessment quiz to know if it is right option for you.