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What is that one untapped skill that every teacher should possess?

It is common to see students expecting the teachers in the classroom act as know-it-alls for every problem they have. In short, students expect the teacher to educate them more thoroughly and strongly than their parents.

Let’s step outside a normal classroom and talk about students suffering from some kind of disability, stress, or a certain health issue. This is that one hidden skills that I feel not every teacher is accustomed with, but should have.

Agreeably, no teacher can be demanded to memorize the ins and outs of each of the 30 to 40 students in the classroom. However, the teacher is highly expected to become well-aware taking their basic health concerns and weaknesses. Here, I am not talking about understanding how to use the first aid or basic life cycle (BLS) kit, but the teacher should also be aware on how to transform the students’ weakness into strengths. Consider a student requiring some serious essay help, then it is the job of the teacher to get rid of this weakness and instill him or her with confidence to write a quality masterpiece.