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graduate and get a job - can you?

Sadly our educational system has become a giant scam. First the schools scream for more money to "address the rising costs of education". The voters fall for it and then the universities go on a spending binge, making education even more expensive. Apparently liberals have never heard of overhead and fixed costs. Along with the building boom, there will also need to be additional teaching staff, support staff and maintenance etc. Each of those will also need a nice pension. But wait!!! The parents balk at the additional cost! They claim it is unaffordable! Students may look for Essay Writing Service Every Student Needs. Still. No worries. We have a plan. The govt is offering no money down, no payments for four years!!!! Kind of like the local furniture store. Just borrow the money kids!! It's easy and you need no money down. Just a signature and your dual transgender studies/psychology degree is yours!!! Easy peasey!!