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what hinders us from writing a college essay

I guess a pretty decent majority of internet commenters are procrastinators. I know I am. Sometimes, I may even ask experts to write my paper for me because I cannot meet the deadline with all piled up assignments.
Interesting piece.  
"Even if it’s an extremely small action, a little progress will typically make you feel better about the task and increase your self-esteem, which in turn reduces the desire to procrastinate to make yourself feel better, he says." 
I do find that once I force myself to take the first step toward completing a task, that I'm able to stay engaged and complete it, and that this is a satisfying feeling. Breaking through that initial barrier sometimes seems impossible - it can literally take days or weeks. But it really shouldn't. 
Also, it is tempting to look for deeper reasons for why one procrastinates. Am I depressed? Am I lazy? Do I lack of self-respect? Well, maybe I'm just a procrastinator. And if you think of it that way, dealing with it seems somehow less intimidating. Hmmm.