The Blended Learning (BL) format is a hybrid pedagogy, half way between traditional Face-to-Face lecture classes and all online Distant Learning courses. The face-to-face class work in the BL model focuses on the key relevant concepts, with students expected cover additional material outside of the classroom on their own.

The Blended Learning course work completed out of the classroom is documented online using the MyCC Learning Management System (LMS)  The LMS is fully integrated with the student-college management system (JENZABAR), providing  integration so  students have one point of access for all college requirements.    (e.g. Registration, Coursework (LMS), Library, Financial Aid, Grades-Transcripts, and Student Accounts Files)

The JENZABAR LMS provides functionality needed to facilitate classroom and distance learning in a web-based environment.     By standard use across all Blended Learning courses it provides a consistent interface for faculty and students.

a.       Faculty can view course schedules, course descriptions, and interface with students. They can also organize and present course documents, create and monitor course groups, make and grade assignments, and track attendance.

b.      Students can view their course schedules, course descriptions, assignments, grades, and attendance. They can also complete online assignments and participate in chat groups and forums.   

c.       Courses can be copied from past semesters in whole or in part and course work can be documented and archived to maintain records on student performance.

Standard course layout for all courses to simipliy the experience for students.

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