Classroom Participation – 20%
Preparation and participation during class meetings.
Online Discussion Forum - 20%   Each student is required to respond to posted topics and to offer feedback on the research projects of at least two other students. Projects and discussions will be posted and exchanged online on the webportal. 

Literature Review - 20%.

Using the assignmed textbook Mastering Online Research,2007 as your guide, write a 3-4 page literure review to clarify your inquiry and survey questions.

Online Survey - 20%
You must formulate a research question, desin a survey, distribute and collect responses from 20 respondents.
Final Research Project - 20%
This final paper will be the culmination of the study components - creating a study, conducting online research, data gathering through web technology, analysis, and presentation. All written work must be properly cited, written in APA Format, double-spaced, 12-point font, with 1 inch margins. Grades will be based on the soundness of your research, written content, proper citing, grammar and sentence structure. 
Late policy: Late Assignments will not receive full credit unless arrangements are made in advance. Course work not completed by the end of the semester will result in a grade of INC. Cambridge College has the authority to change INC grades to NC/F in accordance to academic policies.