The Independent Learning Project (ILP) is a comprehensive project that students are required to complete as part of their master’s degree program at Cambridge College. It enables students to demonstrate that they can think critically, undertake research, apply theory to a practical situation, and present their findings and recommendations in writing.


You are expected to select a topic of relevance to Management and of importance to your professional development. After identifying a topic, you will work with your faculty advisor to determine the type of ILP most conducive to enhancing your learning about this topic.

Requirements for your ILP:

  • Relates to current issues in Management and to the student’s choice of Certificate.
  • Has personal and practical relevance to the student in the workplace or the community.
  • Is original work.
  • Demonstrates that the student has gained a thorough understanding of the subject area through research, analysis of current management literature, and critical thinking.
  • Research using appropriate techniques and sufficient depth to give meaningful outcomes.
  • Provides evidence of the student’s management skills, including project planning, meeting deadlines, overcoming hurdles, and responding to feedback. 
  • Present in American Psychological Association (APA) format and the main body is at least 50 pages in length. Page numbering begins with the title page and each page should include the title as a running head.

ILP Seminar


The seminar leader is the students’ academic adviser for the duration of the program and schedules periodic individual meetings.
The seminar leader is the supervisor of the

Independent Learning Project with responsibility for approval, and signs off on workshop/directed studies credits, independent study, leave of absence, and graduation clearance. Seminars focus on professional issues and support professional development.



The Management Seminar provides support for students’ work on the Independent Learning Project. The topic must be related to each student’s concentration.

Academic Integrity

Students are expected to maintain integrity in all academic work.  They will not attempt to get grades by any means other than honest academic effort.  All work must be completed by individual students except for group projects. It is not permissible to hand in the same work for different courses.  Plagiarism is the use of another’s work, thoughts, or language without giving credit.
Cambridge College students will not summarize, copy, or use the work of another person or source without proper acknowledgement.  Plagiarism is dishonest and a serious academic offense.  Any breach of academic integrity is grounds for a grade of "No Credit" in academic courses and/or dismissal.


Plagiarism is the appropriation of another’s work and passing off as one’s own the ideas and language of another. The student will not plagiarize or copy the work of any other person, and will properly acknowledge the use of any outside resources. Any breach of academic integrity is grounds for a grade of

No Credit in academic courses and/or dismissal.

Literature Review - Examples