Times New Roman


12 pt.


Double spaced between sentences.


Indent each paragraph with a 5-7 space indent (use tab function)


Top:        1”
Bottom:   1”
Right:      1” (do not justify right margin)
Left:        1” (for binding)

Page Numbers

Number each page on the upper right corner of the page.


Each section begins on a separate page.

Headings: Below is an example of how the heading within your ILP should look:

Main Heading

Title of the chapter is centered on the page. Start each chapter on a new page.

This is the current standard for APA formatting heading from 6th edition. Headings within the paper should be in the following format:

  • First-level headings: For labeling the main sections of the paper. The heading for each section is centered in the line and the words are capitalized like a title (each important word should start with a capital letter). First-level headings generally are only used for empirical research reports.
  • Second-level headings: For labeling subsections within a main section of the paper. The subheading is flush with the left margin and is italicized. The words are capitalized like a title. This is a likely type of heading you would use for a 5-10 page literature review or research proposal.
  • Third-level headings: For labeling subsections within a subsection of the paper. The sub-subheading is indented like a paragraph, is italicized, and ends with a period. Only the first letter of the first word is capitalized. Third-level headings generally are used to separate sections within the Method section (e.g., Participants, Procedure, etc.).