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On-Site Appointments

High priority

To: Cambridge College Boston Students


RE: Accessing Cambridge College Boston Staff during COVID


Dear Cambridge College Boston Students,


Please be reminded that until further notice, all staff and faculty of Cambridge College will continue to work remotely.  Note that while some staff are on site for specific activities, they are not required to be. 


If a meeting is needed with either a staff or faculty member, we ask that you have that meeting via phone or video conference.  If it is determined that you need to meet in-person, please make an appointment with the individual or department, to ensure that the designated staff person will be on campus.


When arriving on campus for a scheduled appointment, all students must comply with the following:

  • Wear a mask to enter the campus and at all times when in face to face meetings or public areas.
  • Check in at the security desk with a picture ID and ask for the staff person designated for your appointment.
  • Once the appointment is confirmed by security, you will be asked to wait in a classroom designated for on-site meetings.
  • Check out at the Security station when your meeting is completed and you are leaving the campus.

Also note that if you need to drop off materials at the College please place the item in an envelope and drop it off in the secure lock box located on the wall in front of the security desk.  The envelope should be sealed, with the name of the recipient clearly marked on the envelope to ensure proper delivery. 


If you have any questions about accessing the site, please don’t hesitate to contact


Thank you.

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