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MYCSI information & Link


Hi LRN students. Earlier this semester, you had taken the College Student Inventory as part of your LRN class. This self-assessment helped you to gauge your readiness for college in several different ways. Hopefully, interpreting these results was helpful for your understanding of yourself as student.  Also, we reached out to several of you regarding your scores with suggestions for ways you could improve some areas.  Now at the end of the semester, it is a good time to consider if your feelings have changed.  To this end, we are asking all of you to complete the CSI Mid-Year, below, which will give you a sense of your growth this semester. It may take about 1/2 hour, but try to do it to see your own growth and reflection.



Caul CSI link


Bodge CSI link


Williams CSI link 1 (Boston)


Dickinson CSI link


Hatziyannis CSI link


Hogan CSI link


Yates CSI link


Williams CSI link 2 (Lawrence)


Brown CSI link


If you any questions about these links or issues accessing them, contact or call (978)-886-8992