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Meet Dean Robinson

Dear Student,
Welcome to Cambridge College!
Thank you for choosing CC as your college community.
A quick snapshot about me:
I am originally from Virginia and moved to Boston in 2006 with my family.
I love public speaking and singing.
I came to CC in 2011 passionate about transformational leadership and student development.
I am grateful to serve as your dean of students where it is my priority to support your success! 
I hope your student experience is filled with excitement, encouragement, and hope as you pursue the degree and career of your choice! 
Connect with me on LinkedIn: ReginaMRobinson, MA or Twitter: ReginaMRobinson.   

 Regina Robinson
 Dean of Student Affairs
 671-873- 0470

Quality of Life

With a focus to enhance your quality of life, The OSA supports the many facets of a student’s life through a newly created four-pillar system of care model:
  1. Student COMMUNICATION – Orientation and Training events collaborate to provide students with the necessary information and resources as they progress at the College.
  2. Student CONDUCT – The purpose for the Code of Conduct is to establish standards of personal conduct for each student with the goal to reflect sensitive and responsible behavior towards one another.
  3. Student CARE – Care for students is provided through the means of Academic, Disability, and Career Advising as well as Informal Counseling services. The OSA also makes available mediation for personal concerns and unresolved issues.
  4. Student COMMUNITY – Opportunities for personal and academic growth are accessible through the co-curricular life where students are encouraged to participate in skill building workshops, networking events, College Student Clubs, and the College Student Advisory Board.