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Commencement Update Timeline

High priority

There is some information about the June 11th commencement ceremony available at:

We are still working to finalize other items.

  • I plan to send an email to August and January degree recipients, and anticipated June degree recipients sometime in early April. Certificate students do not participate in the ceremony.
  • I am waiting on the cap and gown vendor to complete setting up the ordering portal, but it will be available sometime in April.
  • A packet containing the information as well as invitations and a name check-in card to hand to the reader will be mailed to your home address in the database sometime around mid-April. If you miss the first packet distribution, you will not receive a name check-in card, and you’ll pick one up at the ceremony.
  • The packet will contain invitations, but guests are not required to show invitations. You may invite as many guests as you’d like!
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