Spring term payments were due on or before January 15, 2018. Any student that currently has a balance greater than $50 will have the late fee assessed, and the student account will be RESTRICTED (BR HOLD).

Once a student account is restricted (BR hold), you will not be able to access your diploma, grades, or official transcripts.  Students also will not be able to register for any additional courses or upcoming terms until the outstanding balance has been paid in full.

When the student account is paid in full, please allow up to 24 hours before attempting to retrieve your grades, or make a request for a diploma or transcript.

To view your account, please log onto the MyCC portal- Under the Finances Tab, select Course and Fee Statement.

Financial Aid Recipients:  If you have completed your FAFSA and have been packaged, your financial aid for the spring term will show on your account to assist you in planning for your financial obligations.  Pending financial aid is indicated by an asterisk (*)  These funds are not yet released by the government and are for planning purposes only.  If you have applied for financial aid and it is not shown on your account, please contact the Financial Aid Office.  Please contact your financial aid counselor at their email listed below.  

Financial Aid Administrator are assigned by student's last name:

*    Last Name A:  Megan.doherty@cambridgecollege.edu
*    Last Name B- E: Mariel.debrand@cambridgecollege.edu
*    Last Name F - M: Ryan.frieden@cambridgecollege.edu
*    Last Name N - Si:  Christopher.fernandes@cambridgecollege.edu
*    Last Name Sj - Z:  Marie.annylusse@cambridgecollege.edu

PAYMENT DUE DATE:  IMMEDIATELY to avoid delays in Summer registration.

TMS PAYMENT ARRANGEMENTS:  No Additional Arrangements are available at this time.  Please contact sfs@cambridgecollege.edu to settle your account balance.