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Student Acknowledgement of Financial Obligation

The Acknowledgement of Financial Obligation is an agreement that students must understand prior to registering for courses.  It iterates that students understand that the cost associated with their education must be fulfilled per the College payment policy and that students also understand what can happen in the event of non-payment.  The Acknowledgement is in FULL EFFECT beginning Spring 2016.  

The process is seamless and takes less than a minute to complete.  As part of the Registration Update, students must update their demographic information online via the MyCC portal.  The Financial Obligation is part of this process.  You can preview the terms here, so that you will know what you are agreeing to prior to registration.

During the online registration process, students MUST agree by checking the box that they have read and understand the terms, then click SUBMIT, this is your e-signature agreeing and acknowledging the terms.  You will then be able to register for the term.  This step will be performed for every semester in which a student intends to register.


2015 FALL Restrictions due to Non-Payment

Spring Web enrollment for students opens on November 2, 2015.   To avoid delays and to participate in the 2016 Spring registration, students must have a balance that is less than $50.  PLEASE CHECK YOUR ACCOUNT ONLINE USING THE MYCC PORTAL.

(NOTE: If you have a balance, were eligible for financial aid, and elected to DECLINE financial aid for the 2015-2016 Academic year.  please reconsider- contact the Office of Financial Aid via email at to discuss reinstating your award for the year)           

Payments can be made on line using the MyCC portal.  Mastercard and VISA are accepted. 

To set up payment arrangements, please email Payment arrangements can be established to divide the amount of the outstanding balance evenly over the months of October and November.  Registration will be permitted after the arrangement has been paid in full.

To make a payment by certified funds, check or money order, please mail your payment to:

Cambridge College

Attn: Bursars Office

1000 Massachusetts Avenue

Cambridge, MA 02138

To pay with cash, you must pay in person at the 1000 Mass. Ave. Building.   DO NOT MAIL CASH.

Tax Form 1098-T (Tuition Statement) GET READY

Cambridge College is a Box 1 Reporter.  This means we report on the amounts paid.  In order to receive credit for the 2015 tax year, you must make payments of all your tuition and fees.  

How to Prepare:

1- All tuition and eligible fees paid by December 31, 2015, will be reported.  If you've not yet paid your tuition bill, do so immediately.

2- Update your mailing address with the Office of the Registrar

3- Make sure that your SSN is on file.  Students missing an SSN have had an email sent to the MyCC email address with instructions

4- Remember, you must be enrolled during the calendar year 2015, in a certificate or degree seeking program to obtain the tax form 1098-T.  (Special Students and School Collaborative participants are NOT eligible)

The 2015 tax form 1098-T for eligible students will be mailed to the address that Cambridge College has on file by January 31, 2016. 


If you are an International Student and wish to obtain the tax form 1098-T, you must request this in writing.  Please contact us using your MYCC email address (this is for authentication and security purposes) at, in the subject heading write 1098-T REQUEST. In the message text include your name and ID# and "I am requesting my 1098-T for the 2015 tax year."  


(NOTE: The Office of the Bursar or any department at Cambridge College cannot provide tax advice.  For assistance with your taxes, please contact your professional tax preparer)

Health Insurance FALL 2015 Annual Coverage - Petition to Waive CLOSED

For ALL students attending a location in Massachusetts:  Undergraduate students taking 9 or more credits, or Graduate students taking 6 or more credits will be assessed the health insurance charge for the fall term on their accounts.  Students who do not require the College's health plan must submit a waiver through Gallagher Koster. 

If you do not receive an approved Health Insurance Waiver EMAIL for Gallagher Koster, you are responsible for the Health Insurance for the Fall Term.

Please visit the Gallagher Koster website to waive 

First time users will need to create an account.  All others should log in with their established credentials.  After logging in, under STUDENT ACCESS select the link Student Waive/Enroll.  On the next screen select- click I WANT TO WAIVE.  You will need to enter all pertinent details related to your health insurance and other personal information to identify yourself.

Students CANNOT waive using certain Mass Health Plans- Mass Health Limited, the Health Safety Net, and the Children's Medical Security Plan; these plans do not meet the criteria.  Additionally, if you have a plan that only offers EMERGENCY service, this also, is not acceptable.  Students will receive two emails from Gallagher Koster after submitting their waiver request.  The first email is notification that your request is received. The second notification will confirm whether or not your plan has been approved.  If your plan is denied for a waiver, the email will list the reason for denial and your next steps.

NOTE: In the event that a Student adds a course after the deadline to waive, and that course puts them in the credit load criteria listed above, the student is responsible for the health insurance if they have not submitted and obtained an approved waiver.