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Choosing some part time work for university can be a hard decision to make, however it’s often necessary to make ends meet. So, here is some advice to  do so.

  1. Determine if you really need a second job and if you can manage it.

Going for a second job isn’t always an easy task for many. Although some people thrive on it, some careful consideration is needed before deciding to take a second job. The first and most important factor to consider when hunting for a second job is time. You should be able to balance time between the first and second job without struggling. Adding a second position to a busy, stressful one can be dangerous hence not recommended. Looking for a better, higher-paying job could save you lots of frustration that having two positions. A second job also means no free time -it, therefore, needs to be worth every second.

  1. Look for a flexible job.

The second job shouldn’t be too demanding or full-time. It would be wise to take a part-time job offer as compared to one requiring a full-time commitment. Many of the available part-time jobs today will need your input on what times you will be available to work. The same applies for part-time online jobs that one can take on or handle while at home. Only consider applications that offer work flexibility. Juggling between two full-time jobs is not only draining but could also see you lose one, if not all, the jobs due to poor performance - from divided attention. 

  1. Be flexible yourself.

Some flexibility on your side is needed especially if you need the second job to supplement your income. Consider jobs that very few people would be interested in. These include positions that involve working late at night, or during the weekend. You have a higher chance to secure a well-paying second job this way. Having a job at university will allow you to pay your way somewhat and limit your exposure to loans. This will help you avoid issues with debt according to


  1. Location

You'll need a flexible working environment and location too. Whatever job you wish to take, ensure it is close to your first job, or your home. This should reduce commuting expenditure, time, and effort as well. Work-at-home jobs can also be given priority if better-paying and more flexible.


  1. Have your interests at heart

Choosing the appropriate second job can be quite daunting. If you can’t seem to find a job you like, maybe it is time to list down your interests, passion, and skills. You could also apply for a job with a company you want, or whose products you use or love.


  1. Skillset and personal/career development

Choose a second job based on a skillset, and skill you wish to improve/enhance. If you however are considering switching career fields in the future, why not pick a different job you are interested in. The experience gained from the second job could come in handy especially if you wish to apply for a higher-paying job in that specific niche.


  1. Cast your net wide

In addition to dropping your resume personally, consider using the social media, email, or in-person conversations to look for a job. Some of these channels may come in handy particularly for individuals looking for a second job. Visit companies you may be interested in working for, and extend your search online as well.


  1. Beware of scams

Be careful not to fall for online scams that seem too good to avoid.  If any invitation or job offer involves you making a subscription, or depositing a check for them, or requires your personal information, e.g. (Social Security Number), chances are it is a scam. Stay away from such offers and stick to what you know or are confident in.