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The tutorials found below will provide you with details of MyCC course functions, such as file upload, discussions, and navigation.

MyCC Course-Related Tutorials for Students will play in a new browser window. Most tutorials are in video format and are available on Youtube with some in TechSmith Screencast. The viewing time is provided for your convenience. Any tutorials that are in Adobe PDF format or web resources (links) are indicated, as such. Get the Free Adobe Reader.

MyCC Course-Related Tutorials

File Upload Assignment Viewing Time is 2:57
Objectives: Complete a File; Upload Assignment; Find Assignment Instructions; Locate the Upload Tool; Check for Successful Upload

View your Grades Viewing Time is 1:34
Objectives: View your Grades

Navigate in MyCC Viewing Time is 1:57
Objectives: Course Elements; Navigate Your Course; Use the Breadcrumb Trail

Discussions Viewing Time is 4:23
Objectives: Complete a Discussion Assignment; Learn Where Topics are Posted; Learn How to Reply to Another Post; View Completed Requirements

Take an Exam or Quiz Viewing Time is 2:27
Objectives: Taking a test; Checking Instructions; Checking if Test has been Graded

View the Syllabus Viewing Time is 1:32
Objectives: View the Course Syllabus; Learn the Syllabus Location

Change your Personal Information Download Adobe PDF FILE
Objectives: Navigating to Account Information; Changing Personal Information

FAQs for Course Functions in MyCC

adobeThe FAQs are quick explanations with screen shots of course functions in MyCC. The FAQs are in Adobe .pdf format. Get the Free Adobe Reader.

View your Attendance Record

Participate in a Discussion

Complete a File Upload Assignment

Navigate in MyCC

Take Tests, Quizzes, and Exams

View your Grades

Your college librarian is here to help!

If you have a research question (How do I find the latest business management research? or I need information on staff motivation and the impact on productivity), Ask a Librarian. You'll probably make their day.

CCOL Video Welcome from Head Librarian, Anthony Viola. Viewing Time is 3.5 minutes
Search the Cambridge College Online Library (CCOL) Online Collections or Get Live Online Librarian Help! Using Live Help, you will immediately be connected via messenger with a live librarian 24/7 to help in your research.


Registration How-To Videos

summerHow to Register for a Summer 2019 Fully Online Program Course. Viewing Time is 1 minutes, 35 seconds.

How to register for a course video. Viewing time is 2 minutes.
The registration video is designed to provide a quick and easy way to navigate MyCC, search for a course, and enroll.
TutorMe (24/7 Online Tutoring): All Cambridge College students have access to the TutorMe platform.  This platform will allow students to access a live tutor via the internet 24/7 in 300 subject areas. Whether, it's preparing for a math exam, finishing a research project, or reviewing an accounting problem, we have you covered. Did we mention it is 24X7? laughing

New to CC Online? Need an Orientation?

The orientation video opens in a new window to Youtube. It has three sections, MyCC intranet, course-specific information, and student support. if you need specific course-related tutorials, please see the MyCC Course-Related Tutorials to the left.

Watch the orientation video. Viewing Time is 30 minutes.


What is MyCC?

MyCC is an essential resource that engages and connects every learner, supports your daily activities, and helps you get work done. The tutorials below will aid you in getting the most from the MyCC resources.

Finance in MyCC Viewing Time is 2:21
Find financial information, tax preparation materials, FAFSA and more...

CELT MyCC Web Resource
The Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching [CELT] is CC's student and faculty resource and support center.  For students, we offer many academic support services such as tutoring, eTutoring, success coaching, and workshops.

Basic ZOOM for New Users Viewing Time is approximately 15 minutes
Cambridge College uses ZOOM for video conferencing. In this video, you will learn how to join a meeting you were invited to and host your own ZOOM meeting. 

Looking to improve your grammar and writing?

Formatting APA Style in Microsoft Word Viewing Time is 4 minutes
Cambridge College requires all students to use the formatting standards developed by the American Psychological Association (APA) 6th Edition for academic papers. This tutorial is a "how to" video for using APA format in Microsoft Word.

APA Sample Paper in .pdf format || APA Sample References in .pdf format from the APA Style Guide Website,

Turnitin Resources for Students It is not all about plagiarism. Turnitin helps you become a better writer.


For email issues, go to or call 800-877-4723 x1159 to register a request.  

Your College email account is on Google, using your Cambridge College email as the ID. You can keep the account after you graduate.  

1. Login:
FirstName.LastName[xx] where [xx] is the last two numbers in your ID.   

2. The initial login to your Cambridge College email account is 00 + your ID number. This password can be changed once you login.

3. You can find more info at

4. Tutorials for CC EMAIL are found in MYCC at




Did you know you are entitled to receive software discounts as a member of the CC community?

microsoft WordPurchase Software at a Discount  Home or Student Use Software Discount Site

Students are encouraged to visit the password protected At Home or Student Use Software Site to see if any of the offerings available can aid them with lasswork or work-at-home activities. Available products include offerings from Microsoft Office as well as Adobe Creative Suite. As a first time user, you will need to register your Cambridge College issued email address to create a login to enter the site.


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