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For email issues, go to or call 800-877-4723 x1159 to register a request.  

Your College email account is on Google, using your Cambridge College email as the ID. You can keep the account after you graduate.  

1. Login:
FirstName.LastName[xx] where [xx] is the last two numbers in your ID.   

2. The initial login to your Cambridge College email account is 00 + your ID number. This password can be changed once you login.

3. You can find more info at

4. Tutorials for CC EMAIL are found in MYCC at




Did you know you are entitled to receive software discounts as a member of the CC community?

microsoft WordPurchase Software at a Discount  Home or Student Use Software Discount Site

Students are encouraged to visit the password protected At Home or Student Use Software Site to see if any of the offerings available can aid them with lasswork or work-at-home activities. Available products include offerings from Microsoft Office as well as Adobe Creative Suite. As a first time user, you will need to register your Cambridge College issued email address to create a login to enter the site.