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Patients who are suffering from serious or rare diseases do need proper care from good doctors who are experts in that particular field. Xpertdox provides you with a number of hospitals, doctors and also clinical trials for over 6000 diseases which is enabled by proprietary algorithms. These are built by physician-scientists in the team then they are optimized by leading doctors in different specialists.

Xpertdox was founded by a highly motivated team of IT specialists, doctors and business professionals who were driven by the passion of providing objective, unbiased, personalize and well-rounded recommendations for the patients without any of the influence of hospitals, industry or physician groups.


Why is xpertdox different from others?

There are many websites where you can easily find doctors from where you can gather necessary help! But most of these well-known websites uses patients review in order to recommend a particular doctor. For this reason, you cannot know exactly about the expertise of that particular doctor in a specific disease condition. In xpertdox, you will find that all the results are personalized for your specific disease by examining educational contributions of the doctor, research experience and also clinical experience of the doctor.

Personalized list

Xpertdox is one of the best platforms for finding doctors for patients suffering from very serious and rare conditions. This facility has already compiled a record of 6000 diseases, 130 specialties, and 200 procedures and over 150 symptoms. By this way, xpertdox plotted each and every condition to approximately 4,500 hospitals, one million doctors and also 18,000 clinical trials. Thus it is very easy for patients to find doctors in their own personalized way from this list of hospitals, clinical trials and expert doctors for their condition.

Evaluation of all aspects

The reviews passed by physicians only represent the soft skill of the physician. When you go for a physician’s review from an online website like xpertdox, it will show you leadership roles and research facility also. In fact, you will find all the educational contributions of all the doctors also. Billions of data’s and information are analyzed by xpertdox in order to provide all of you a personalized evaluation of all aspects of a doctor.

Unbiased doctor reviews

Reviews that are included on any website are dependent on a few numbers of reviews which can be totally easily influenced or in other words, biased. In the view of doctor’s review, the entire profiles of the doctor in xpertdox are formed by using unique and proper algorithms which not only provide patients with personalized but also unbiased list including physicians for their conditions.

The unique value of xpertdox is that it does show the true expertise of the doctor for the given symptom, procedure, and disease but not the soft skills of the physicians. It is not at all considered as a patient reviewing website! To wrap up, xpertdox is a unique website that provides patients with their best benefits without any extra trouble. You can also just search for doctors sitting at your home!