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essay typer on gender issues

Based on my researches into gender issues with I'll tel your computer history, as you tell it, is like a fun house mirror of absurdity. 
There's a difference between tending to the vacuum tubes in a computer during a war when the men were mostly under arms and saying that women were leading lights of the field. 
Then you gloss over the mainframe era as if it were a blip and that the British decline was due to the transformation to decentralized personal computers. You leave out the driving forces in the West associated with the Space Race and the goal of sending men to the moon; which had enormous underpinnings in mainframes. Even the Shuttle, though using 5 onboard IBM-AT computers, had all development done on mainframes at the Johnson Space Center in Clearlake. 
You completely miss the transition from iron core memories to solid state and the attendant increase in power of computing. 
Your "herstory" of computers and gender misses most of the history.