Format and Headings

Font                   Times New Roman Size12 pt.
Spacing              Double spaced, single sided.
Paragraphs         Indent each paragraph with a 5-7 space indent (use tab function)
  • Top: 1”
  • Bottom: 1”
  • Right: 1” (do not justify right margin)
  • Left: 1”
Page Numbers    Number each page on the upper right corner of the page.
Sections              Each section begins on a separate page.
Headings:           Bold, 12 point New Times Roman Font:

Heading 1


  • Title of the chapter is centered on the page. For labeling the main sections of the paper. The heading for each section is centered in the line and the words are capitalized like a title (each important word should start with a capital letter).

Heading 2   

  • Second level,  Subheadings like this are used to separate sections in the chapter. 

     Heading 3    

  • Third level Heading 3 is sometimes required. If a third level of headings within the chapters is necessary, it is indented with 5 spaces from the second level of heading. For labeling subsections within a subsection of the paper. The sub-subheading is indented like a paragraph, is bold, and ends with a period. Only the first letter of the first word is capitalized. Third-level headings generally are used to separate sections within the Method section (e.g., Participants, Procedure, etc.).