Course Description

This course addresses the analytical and communication skills necessary for success in business environments. Building on the critical thinking skills developed in Graduate Writing, students enhance their ability to evaluate claims, evidence and assumptions and develop persuasive arguments through analysis of management case studies. The course also covers different forms of business communications including memos, reports, and oral presentations.

Course Objectives

By applying theory and research findings in managerial communication, students will engage in collaborative and practical learning experiences that will help to develop and improve their ability to:
·         Manage information
Select appropriate communication channels
·         Build an effective performance feedback system
·         Communicate organizational changes
·         Foster interdepartmental communication
·         Create an innovative spirit
·         Promote ethics and build trust

Learning Outcomes

Course Methodology

Blended Learning Course: This course will require access to a computer and the internet. It has half the face to face contact hours of a regular Masters of Management course, and will require significant outside of class room activity.

Participation in on-line discussions: Discussion topics relating the course concepts to your own situation or to current events or issues will be posted. You will be expected to respond to these topics by the due date.
Face-to-face instruction with in-class activities and collaborative teamwork. There will be sessions of face-to face interaction, one at the beginning of the course – and the second toward the end. These sessions will allow for direct interaction with the instructor and class-mates. Learning activities will include lectures, discussion, experiential exercises, and team work on a group project.
A term project demonstrating your ability to analyze the managerial issues will be presented in class. Teams will be assigned in the first in-class session.