This is the information on how the course will be run.   It is posted here for example only.    Edit or Replace this section.

This course will require access to a computer and the internet. It has half the face to face contact hours of a regular Masters of Management course, and will require significant outside of class room activity. 
Participation in on-line discussions: Discussion topics relating the course concepts to your own situation or to current events or issues will be posted. You will be expected to respond to these topics by the due date.
Face-to-face instruction with in-class activities and collaborative teamwork. There will be sessions of face-to face interaction, one at the beginning of the course – and the second toward the end. These sessions will allow for direct interaction with the instructor and class-mates.  Learning activities will include lectures, discussion, experiential exercises, and team work on a group project.
A term project demonstrating your ability to analyze the managerial issues will be presented in class. Teams will be assigned in the first in-class session.