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Organizational Environment (MMG 512)

Term: 2017-2018 Spring


Mr. Mark Speller M.M.
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Mon, 3:00 PM - 5:45 PM (1/22/2018 - 4/30/2018) Location: CHARL HOOD 1309


This course provides an overview of the external and internal environment of organizations. It helps students understand the resource, market, technological, economic, and socio-political context of the organization, and the impact of multiple stakeholders on its goals and decision-making processes. It examines organizational architecture and dynamics from the structural, human resource, political and symbolic perspectives. The course draws on theories and research on organizations, including topics such as motivation, leadership, and organizational change and development. The intent of the course is to provide students with the theoretical base to better understand organizational behavior, and to equip them with tools to analyze and improve upon their own managerial practice.