MMG 690 Introduction to Seminar
The purpose of the Introductory Seminar is to introduce participants to Cambridge College, its mission and philosophy, the theories associated with adaptive learning, the guiding assumptions and curriculum of the School of Management. Students will be introduced to the philosophy and practices of adult education, learning and motivation styles as well as assessment methods related to personal narrative.

Course Objectives

1.  Introduce students to the Cambridge College Blended Learning model

2.  Introduce students to adult education and learning theories and the concept of self-directed learning.

3.  Gain insight into their own skills, learning styles and motivational patterns through self assessment

4.  Introduce the concept of the group as curriculum and identify ways in which the group can be used as a learning laboratory and a means of integrating theory and practice; begin developing peer and collaborative learning skills.

5.  Begin to develop academic and professional goals, and action plans.

Learning Outcomes

Adult learners will…
  • effectively navigate the Cambridge College and blended learning environments
  • understand and be able to discuss the principles and application of adult learning theory.
  • be able to identify their learning style and understand strategies best suited for their particular style
  • begin to learn to develop collaborative learning skills and to become lifelong learners
  • become familiar with the concepts, terminology, and methodology used to clarify and articulate SMART goals