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Welcome to The Center for Career & Professional Development [CCPD], Cambridge College’s career resource hub for students, alumni and employers.

CCPD provides career readiness services and multidimensional employer connections as an integral experience in the life of Cambridge College students and alumni. Our vision is to empower students and alumni to take personal responsibility for their lifelong career development. 

CCPD will serve as the central hub for promoting, providing, and coordinating career readiness services for students and alumni of the College.  CCPD will also prepare students and alumni to understand and promote their diverse backgrounds and experiences as strengths in today’s job market, to effectively utilize career information and advice to identify employment opportunities, to successfully launch new careers and finally, to pursue meaningful professional development

 Our Team:


Phillip Page
VP of Strategic Partnerships


Irina Galatskaya
Manager of Career Services

 Start by making an appointment with Irina by phone 617.873.0124 or email


This workshop will introduce students to job search resources and strategies that will help them be effective in a competitive job market. Students will learn about traditional and non-traditional job searches and so much more! We can help you kick start your job search, talk to you about networking, or address any other job search related questions you might have. Even you are not looking for a job right now, all students are encouraged to attend in order to learn how to prepare for the future. 

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Workshop Presentations and Recordings

If you’ve missed any presentation you can still access the content here. Follow up with Irina at to learn more.


Presented by Irina Galatskaya, Career Services Manager  

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Presented by Irina Galatskaya, Career Services Manager 

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What Can I Do With A Major In ?

Examining careers that relate to majors can be a useful step in your decision making. 

Keep the following in mind:
-  You don't work in a major, you work in a career!
-  Some careers may require certain majors, but many careers do not.
-  Choosing a major does not mean you have chosen a career or that you are prepared to enter a career, and you don't have to be defined by your choice of major!

Majors starting with A-E  (32 majors)


Majors starting with F-M (27 majors)


Majors starting with N- V (22 majors)



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Presented by Irina Galatskaya, Career Services Manager 

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Presented by Irina Galatskaya, Career Services Manager 

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Learn how the CCPD can assist you in taking the next steps in your journey to significance beyond the classroom

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Presented by Irina Galatskaya, Career Services Manager 

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Presented by Irina Galatskaya, Career Services Manager

Center for Career and Professional Development

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Five Transferable Skills You Need to Succeed

The Top Five Transferable Skills You Need To Succeed

1.The ability to work effectively in a group or team. Many positions will require you to work as part of a team to achieve goals. By demonstrating your ability to work well with others through examp...

Job Interview Questions Resource

With thousands of job interview questions that are position specific, the site will be a valuable resource for your graduating students and even your alumni.

The behavioral job interview questions on the site are ...

Things You Should Know About a Company Before Applying

As a job seeker, statistics say you have all the power: today's tight job market puts applicants in the driver's sear as they shop around for the right position. You also possess another type of power-the ability to assess mountains of information about c...

Crafting Effective Resumes with CCPD

Put Your Resume in Circulation for Opportunities!

Please follow these steps:

    1. Submit your Resume to for review by CCPD staff [responses provided in one business week]
      • Approved resumes can be posted immediately on CCN or use...
Resume writing quick tip...

Resume writing quick tip...

Be truthful -- Avoid including exaggerations and fictional information on your résumé in an attempt to make yourself appear more qualified. Make a conscious choice not to "stretch the truth" about your skills,...

To access a Career Planning and Professional Development Road Map, designed to provide guidelines for building and attaining rewarding careers click Not sure where to start, what your next move is, or how to get where you want to be?

CCPD can help you explore yourself, careers and industries through the following:

Career Advising:

Need help in writing resumes and cover letters, interviewing, and building networks?

Schedule an appointment with Irina by email –

To access a Career Planning and Professional Development Road Map, designed to provide guidelines for building and attaining rewarding careers, click Here

Career Workshops & Presentations:

Gain timely information of all aspects of career planning, development and advancement.

Check Announcements for topics and schedules for all upcoming workshops and presentations.

Experiential Learning:

Learn the process, coordinate with your program advisor, search for opportunities and more.

Start by attending an experiential learning information sessions listed in Announcements.

Career Fairs:

Annually scheduled career fairs provide opportunities to explore internships, part time and full time employment positions.  Check Announcements for dates and times in the Fall and Spring terms.


College Central Network:

Associate Banker Position at JP Morgan Chase
Associate Banker Employment opportunities at JP Morgan available across Massachusetts.  

I have included a list below of their current openings as well as detailed Associate Banker Job Description of the role above.

Please submit your online ...

Paragon One presents Remote Externships in partnership with Facebook

Apply NOW for Remote Externships with Facebook!

 Deadline for application is March 15th!

The Center for Career and Professional Development (CCPD) is excited to announce a new partnership to offer Cambridge College students access to 6-week Remote...

CCPD 2021 SUMMER CAREER WORKSHOPSVirtual Career Workshops

Please mark your calendar and save the dates to attend the following upcoming virtual career workshops, presented by Irina Galatskaya, Career Services Manager.

Job Search Effectiveness
Tuesday, June   8,  3:30-5:00PM      ...