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MTEL Announcements

MTEL Workshops in September!

We are in the process of finalizing dates for zoom workshops in Comm. & Lit and Foundations for September. Workshops will be 2 hour weekly sessions over several weeks. These workshops are $50 and are generally for students who have an MTEL test date for Fall 2020. A separate 2-3 hour workshop on MTEL open responses (writing) will be in October.

Please check your email the week of 8/17 for details on all workshops and how to register.

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Testing Centers are OPEN!

To find the nearest testing center for your MTEL, click here and click "Seat Availability" on the right. Please note that not all testing centers offer all tests. If you can't find a date, try expanding your search area to further distances (the MTEL is available in MA, NY, CT, and NH). As of August, there are very limited dates for subject tests and general curriculum, most booking in 2021. Comm. & Literacy and Foundations have the most availability in 2020 and are generally easier to secure a date.

For licensure/practicum questions during COVID:

School of (you must register for Practicum Readiness before Practicum)

School of Counseling/Psych




2020 MTEL Resources

FREE Cambridge College Resources (ESL is listed in pink letters)

Communication & Literacy Overview:  Test-taking Skills Class

This free 1 hour class is a great start for students preparing to take the Communication & Literacy MTEL. It helps students understand the format of the test and teaches general test-taking strategies, study tips, & practice questions. Students can attend in person or by ZOOM on 4/4, 5pm-6pm. To register, email . 


Self-Paced Learning:  The CELT ( offers FREE reading and writing software to improve students’ reading and writing skills. When used consistently, this software helps increase students’ MTEL scores.


Tutoring:  The CELT offers free one-on-one tutoring up to twice a week. To schedule a tutoring lesson, log into Starfish from MyCC Home Page and select “Services”- “Boston Academic Success Center”. For ESL support, select tutor Kathleen Hartnett. For General Curriculum, Communication & Literacy, and Foundations of Reading, select Christine Zuppa (available starting March 20th)


Cambridge College Online Library has MTEL test prep books in almost every subject area. These books include study information and practice tests, and are free for students. Log into MyCC (library>Cambridge College Online Library) and search for MTEL. For General Curriculum tests, check out the book “What Every Middle School Teacher Should Know.”


Additional Resources:

  • Some Public School Districts offer free workshops and tutoring to employees. Contact your union representative for information.
  • Emmanuel College offers free workshops to Cambridge College students. Workshops will be posted in the Announcements section when available.  
  • The MTEL website has free MTEL resources including test guides, practice tests, and prep videos: (click Prepare)

Paid MTEL resources

  • Workshops:
    • Cambridge College offers in-depth 2-day workshops in Communication & Literacy, General Curriculum, & Foundations of Reading for $50. These workshops are available in person or by zoom. Students who attend by zoom must log in at the specified time to participate in discussion and assignments. See above for dates and to sign up. If you are looking for our ESL workshop and do not see it listed, please submit a request by filling out the sign-up sheet.
    • GOHAcademy offers MTEL workshops and practice tests for several MTELs, including ESL. Classes cost approximately $250-$600. Register at
  • Classes:
    • ETI offers MTEL classes for about $300 (including ESL), but they guarantee to support you until you pass. You can register at   
    • The Dept. of Ed ( provides a list of MTEL courses offered by local colleges and universities. Type "Test Preparation Courses" in the search box of the DOE website to view the list. Cambridge College does not endorse courses on this list.
    • North Essex Community College offers online MTEL courses for $100 (including ESL). Click here for more information.
  • Self-paced learning: offers membership to access videos, flash cards, practice tests, and test guides for several MTELs. Try the service free for 30 days
  • Tutoring:
    • Corey Morrissey offers tutoring in Foundations & Communication & Literacy for $60/hour. Email 
    • GoHacademy- call (617) 588-3505
    • ETI ($125-150/hour). click here




This is a DESE practice test for the MTEL C&L reading test.  This is a good place to start if you are planning to take that test. 

(.pdf, 236K)

This is a DESE practice test for the MTEL C&L writing test.  This is a good place to start if you are planning to take that test. 

(.pdf, 350K)

Use this document to learn what MTELs you'll need to take in order to complete your degree in licensure.

(.docx, 15K)