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SSO Help

New Student ? -- scroll down below.

Current Users:

Click on SSO Login button.  This will bring up a new log in window for SSO.

Each Accepted Student/Faculty/Staff has a Network Login Account, whether you have used it before or not.

Type in your Network Username (firstname(dot)lastname). Do not include any other digits that might follow your firstname “dot” lastname.

Its not your full email address

Its not just the first part of your email with numbers like firstname.lastname99

Its not your ID Number 123456

Please note: Only type the first 20 characters in the user name, including the (dot). Also, no spaces in you username, note the example below with truncated last name

Your initial password is your student ID proceeded by two (2) zeros or as many zeros needed to make 8 characters or more (00+123456).  If you have previously changed your network password, please use your updated password. Please do not share passwords. You can also reset your password at and get a reset link emailed to you.


Student Information 

Computer/Network Login Information

Name: Eric Davidson-Johansson

Student ID: 123456


Username: eric.davidson-johans

Password: 00123456

 If you still have trouble, you can send us an email at or call us 617 873 0159.


Non-SSO Login - New Students

Non-SSO Login is mostly if you really need to get into MyCC with your old MyCC ID Number and Password and cannot reach us immediately.  This is also used for NEW Students who have not yet registered for any course.  As soon as you register for a course, an email is sent to your personal email with the Network Login information so that next time you visit MyCC you can use the SSO Login.

Remember that Non-SSO Login will be phased out shortly.