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Cambridge College’s online interactive Moodle courses (CC Online) use modules and blocks to segment and break down the course learning and resources into smaller learning and resource components. Below is a typical CC Online course layout. Though some courses may differ, they all will have the same basic functionality. This document will supply a brief explanation of each section.


Top Menu Bar

The top menu bar contains important links outside of Moodle and are available on every page in your course.

Navigation Bar

The Moodle navigation bar shows a user their current context path, with links to the higher contexts. Note: the navigation bar is not a breadcrumb feature and does not always reflect the path followed by the user to reach the current page.


Topic 0

The top section of a Moodle course (sometimes referred to as Topic 0) usually provides course administration information such as an announcements forum, one on one support forums, course syllabus, details on course major assignments and rubrics.




Moodle uses Blocks to provide additional course information, navigation and resources. Instructors have the ability to use various types of Blocks but every GSC class will always have the four blocks shown below. These may be found on the right side, left side or both sides of a Moodle course depending on the discretion of the instructor.



The Instructor block provides students with the instructor’s contact information.

Messages in Moodle is similar to using Instant Messaging (IM) that facilitates real-time communication when you are in your course.  Depending on how you have your preferences set, messages can also be sent to your CC-gmail when you are not in your course.

The Activities block lists and allows navigation between the different activities available in your course (Forums, Quizzes, Resources, Assignments, SCORM packages and so forth).

The Navigation block includes My home, Site pages, My profile, Current course and My courses. The Navigation block has links which can be expanded or collapsed. To view all your courses go to the Navigation block, click on the small triangle to the left of My courses.A list of your courses will be shown. Click on the course you would like to open to view that course.

The Administration block includes Course administration, Grades, and My profile settings.
The Administration block has links which can be expanded or collapsed. To view your Grades pr change your profile page settings clickClick on the course you would like to open to view that course.


Docking Blocks


Docking blocks: the dock is an area where blocks can be moved to and from with the block to dock and dock to block icons.

This example shows the Messgaes and Navigation blocks docked to the left and undocked below. All blocks can be docked or undocked.

The Messages block will note if the student have any new messages.
The Navigation block facilitates navigation throughout MyCC.



CC Online interactive courses use Modules as a means of breaking down or chunking course learning into smaller learning components. A module is the place you go to engage in the learning in your online course. Below is a common module set up however instructors have the discretion of using other approaches to module design.

1 - Module or Topic title which may include a date range. Introductory information about the module content may be under the topic title.
2 - Activites, reading assignments, quizzes, discussion forums, folders or other items will be listed in each module.
3 - Resources and other tools may be included to support the learning activies that week or in that module.
There are no Handouts for this set.