MMG712  Operations Management
This course covers the main aspects of operations management, including the design of operations, project management, quality and process management, and supply chain management.

Operations refers to the process by which an organization converts inputs (facilities, equipment, labor, etc.) into outputs (services and goods). This process involves management functions such as planning, the acquisition and utilization of resources, control, evaluation, and appropriate change. This course also develops an appreciation of the distinctions and relationships between the operations function and other functions of the organization including finance and marketing.

Course Objectives

1. To define operations management and its components
2. To understand how to plan and manage projects
3. To identify approaches to forecasting
4. To discuss how to design operations, including designing goods and services, managing quality, planning capacity and managing the human resource
5. To describe supply chain management, inventory management, materials planning and Just-in-Time strategies

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrated understanding of the components of Operations Management.
  2. Learn methods to improve processes to add Value.
  3. Understanding of world class customers service.
  4. Learned methods for shorting cycle time, reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Grading Criteria

Class Participation – 30% 
Preparation and participation are a substantial part of your final grade.
Written Assignments  - 40%
All written work is to be done in double-spaced, Times-New Roman 12-point font with margins of .5.   Papers will be graded not only on content but also on over grammatical and sentence structure.  The use of both spell check and grammar check are strongly recommended. 

Team Presentation
 and Project - 15%
This will require research and preparation prior to the second Face-to-Face session. All members are required to participate 

Discussions  Forum 
 - 15%

Late policy:
Assignments are due on Sundays at 11 p.m.    Late Assignments will not receive full credit, unless arrangements are made in advance.    If you have a problem with a due date, talk to me in person or send me an email before the due date explaining your problem and proposing a new due date.

Instructional Methodology

Blended Learning Course: This course will require access to a computer and the internet. It has half the face to face contact hours of a regular Masters of Management course, and will require significant outside of class room activity.
Participation in on-line discussions: Discussion topics relating the course concepts to your own situation or to current events or issues will be posted. You will be expected to respond to these topics by the due date.
Face-to-face instruction with in-class activities and collaborative teamwork. There will be sessions of face-to face interaction, one at the beginning of the course – and the second toward the end. These sessions will allow for direct interaction with the instructor and class-mates. Learning activities will include lectures, discussion, experiential exercises, and team work on a group project.
A term project demonstrating your ability to analyze the managerial issues will be presented in class. Teams will be assigned in the first in-class session.


Team Project - GE

Research the GE Quality Transformation.   (Starter articles are posted below.)
As a team develop a Power Point presentation on GE that answers the attached questions. All members will be evaluated based on their contribution.  Presentation is due at the next Face-to-Face session.
(.doc, 24K)