Course Description

This course covers the main aspects of operations management, including the design of operations, project management, quality and process management, and supply chain management. Operations refers to the process by which an organization converts inputs (facilities, equipment, labor, etc.) into outputs (services and goods). This process involves management functions such as planning, the acquisition and utilization of resources, control, evaluation, and appropriate change. This course also develops an appreciation of the distinctions and relationships between the operations function and other functions of the organization including finance and marketing.

Course Objectives

1. To define operations management and its components
2. To understand how to plan and manage projects
3. To identify approaches to forecasting
4. To discuss how to design operations, including designing goods and services, managing quality, planning capacity and managing the human resource
5. To describe supply chain management, inventory management, materials planning and Just-in-Time strategies

Learning Outcomes

  1. Demonstrated understanding of the components of Operations Management.
  2. Learn methods to improve processes to add Value.
  3. Understanding of world class customers service.
  4. Learned methods for shorting cycle time, reducing costs and improving customer satisfaction.