Class Participation – 25% 
Preparation and participation are a substantial part of your final grade.
Assignments  - 25%
All written work is to be done in double-spaced, Times-New Roman 12-point font with margins of .5.   Papers will be graded not only on content but also on over grammatical and sentence structure.  The use of both spell check and grammar check are strongly recommended. 

Team Presentation
 and Project - 25%
This will require research and preparation prior to the second Face-to-Face session. All members are required to participate  

Final Paper - 25%

Late policy: Assignments are due on Sundays at 11 p.m.    Late Assignments will not receive full credit, unless arrangements are made in advance.    If you have a problem with a due date, talk to me in person or send me an email before the due date explaining your problem and proposing a new due date.