Please check your schedule online, and add or drop all classes before the deadline above!


  • Please note that a class dropped after the Add/Drop deadline will be categorized as a WD/ "withdrawal," meaning you will be financially responsible and your financial aid for the term may be impacted.


  • If you attempt to drop a class online before the deadline, please check your schedule immediately to make sure that the class has been properly dropped. If the class is still there, you didn't drop it. If you submitted an Add/Drop form, also check your schedule online before the deadline to make sure the class was dropped.


  • Classes must be dropped online, or via an Add/Drop form received before the deadline; we cannot process drops over the phone or via email.


  • The exception to this rule is if your class has not yet begun. If you need to add or drop a class that class begins after the Add/Drop deadline of September 17th, you must submit an Add/Drop form to the Registrar's Office before your class begins, because online Add/Drop will no longer be available. Please note that this type of change may also impact your financial aid for the term. Please consult the Financial Aid office if you are unsure of the consequences of dropping or adding a class.