Dear Cambridge College Community,


Please note that the printing charges are now in effect. Please pay attention to your printing requirements.  All current charges that appear on your account  are current.  Your 200 free pages printing quota for the Spring semester has been allocated.  Please use the printing quota carefully as once you have depleted the quota, you will not be able to print until the quota is replenished.  Also you will now be required to log into the computer lab systems with your network username and passwords.  Please make sure that you log out of the lab computers after you are done, as you will be responsible for all printing / actions taken under your account.  You can visit our website and get familiar with the options. Faculty and Staff will not be charged for printing. ( Printing Portal) ( Learn more)


You can reset your network password at


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the eHelpdesk at 617-873-0159 or 1-800-877-4723 ext. 1159.


Best Regards,

IT Department.