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The tutorials found below will provide you with details of MyCC course functions, such as file upload, discussions, and navigation.

MyCC Course-Related Tutorials for Students will play in a new browser window. Most tutorials are in video format and are available on Youtube with some in TechSmith Screencast. The viewing time is provided for your convenience. Any tutorials that are in Adobe PDF format or web resources (links) are indicated, as such. Get the Free Adobe Reader.

MyCC Course-Related Tutorials

File Upload Assignment Viewing Time is 2:57
Objectives: Complete a File; Upload Assignment; Find Assignment Instructions; Locate the Upload Tool; Check for Successful Upload

View your Grades Viewing Time is 1:34
Objectives: View your Grades

Navigate in MyCC Viewing Time is 1:57
Objectives: Course Elements; Navigate Your Course; Use the Breadcrumb Trail

Discussions Viewing Time is 4:23
Objectives: Complete a Discussion Assignment; Learn Where Topics are Posted; Learn How to Reply to Another Post; View Completed Requirements

Take an Exam or Quiz Viewing Time is 2:27
Objectives: Taking a test; Checking Instructions; Checking if Test has been Graded

View the Syllabus Viewing Time is 1:32
Objectives: View the Course Syllabus; Learn the Syllabus Location

Change your Personal Information Download Adobe PDF FILE
Objectives: Navigating to Account Information; Changing Personal Information

FAQs for Course Functions in MyCC

adobeThe FAQs are quick explanations with screen shots of course functions in MyCC. The FAQs are in Adobe .pdf format. Get the Free Adobe Reader.

View your Attendance Record

Participate in a Discussion

Complete a File Upload Assignment

Navigate in MyCC

Take Tests, Quizzes, and Exams

View your Grades

Your college librarian is here to help!

If you have a research question (How do I find the latest business management research? or I need information on staff motivation and the impact on productivity), Ask a Librarian. You'll probably make their day.

CCOL Video Welcome from Head Librarian, Anthony Viola. Viewing Time is 3.5 minutes
Search the Cambridge College Online Library (CCOL) Online Collections or Get Live Online Librarian Help! Using Live Help, you will immediately be connected via messenger with a live librarian 24/7 to help in your research.